STAGE-1 Miami eCommerce portal launchs

  • 1taas will contribute to the partner-operated venture the eCommerce Portal Software Version-1, a Domain name, WordPress Website system, MySQL database hosted on the,, or The MIAdrone managing platform includes email marketing tools/ SEO, and Pro-HiDrive cloud storage.
  • The partner-operator marketing platform will reach for consumer product vendors to have their products listed in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale -West Palm Beach the eCommerce & delivery service portal. The early-vendor listing will be displayed on the 1st page of the product list. The product-listing takes less than 8 minutes
  • The partner-operator marketing platform will reach for prospective delivery freelancer agents, to sign up for servicing the last-mile delivery with the foot, bike, or scooter. The venture will create the gig economy full and part-time jobs.
  • The partner-operator marketing platform will reach for family-operated and small business owners to set-up eCommerce warehouse at their homes, the restaurants they operate, or other businesses. The mass market of Mom & Pop operated fulfillment centers will distribute locally stored consumer goods, and directly provide neighborhood delivery service. A new gig economy sector, Airbnb type analogy in the industry of eCommerce and last-mile delivery space.
  • To successfully complete the Stage-1 It is recommended to initiate an email marketing/ digital marketing/ SEO,  seeking consumer product vendors and delivery freelancer agents, as well prospective Mom & Pop fulfillment center operators.
  • The Stage-2 Funding- After successfully completing Stage-1, the eCommerce portal Miami venture has an excellent chance to get seed-funded to launch Stage-2, which is designated to initiate the venture’s first revenues. 

STAGE-2 The Revenue Kicks In

  • 1taas contribute the Stage-2  with the eCommerce portal Software Version-2 system, Website PHP, SQL database etc. 
  • The partner-operator will launch the service-based transportation e-vehicle platform to sign up for delivery freelance agent servicing with the e–scooter, e–motorbike, e–car, e–Suv, e–van, e–pickup truck, e– truck, droids, and drone.


TaaS, the leading technologies of the 2020s

Taas, the leading technologies of the 2020s

Taas, the leading technologies of the 2020s